How to Keep Squirrels Away From Tomatoes in The Garden

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Small rodents can be a real nuisance for gardeners. Squirrels love tomato crops and “attack” the most beautiful tomato gardens every summer. Thus, gardeners find half-eaten or thrown tomatoes in the garden.

Here are the most effective tricks to keep away these small rodents from tomatoes in your garden.

1. Seek the help of a pet

You can call a “friend” to scare squirrels in the yard. A cat will be able to scare squirrels circling ripe tomatoes.

Also, you can teach dogs to bark when there is a squirrel in the area. In this way, the squirrel will get scared and will leave, and your tomatoes will be out of danger.

2. Scarecrow

Another way to keep squirrels away from tomatoes is to place a scarecrow in the tomato crop. So, you can create a homemade squirrel scarecrow in the shape of a wolf, or you can buy a large toy that embodies a fierce animal. In this way, the squirrels will be scared and will stay away from your tomatoes.

3. Cocktail for squirrel removal

Gardening experts say the best way to ward off animals that prowl the garden is to prepare a cayenne pepper cocktail and to spray it around the crop. This solution will prevent squirrels to approach the tomatoes.

Carefully spray the solution because capsaicin in red peppers can cause severe irritation to people.

4. Physical barriers

One of the most effective means to ensure that squirrels will not be able to eat your precious tomatoes is to install row covers that offer adequate protection: chicken wire, bird netting made of plastic, hardware cloth, and some summer weight row covers.

Thus, you block the access and you keep your tomato untouched by squirrels.

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