Fall Tips And Tricks For Your Garden

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Do you have a garden? Well, we have some fall gardening tips for you. These fall recommendations for your garden should be done at the right time, because fall gardening isn’t only about harvesting your crops, but also preparing your plants for the next harvest, whether is about trees, flowers and vegetables.

Everything should be done at the right time and the results will definitely appear only if the job is done slowly and leisurely, with the patience.

1. Cut the hedges, so they remain compact and to have a pleasing appearance. Hedge trimming is done after leaf yellowing trees and mainly aims for plant recovery and ventilation. Burn diseased branches!

2. Make some cuttings! Cut 10 centimeters long from trees or your favorite plants and place them in vases with water so as to form small roots. In spring, you can plant the cuttings in the garden.

3. Get rid of weeds on the lawn and ventilate the soil using a rake with small teeth. It’s the perfect time where you can feed the lawn with special fertilizer.

4. Gather the leaves, mix them with fruit scraps (tabs from apples, pears, melon shells), and let them ferment in a sheltered place. You’ll produce a fertilizer which your soil and plants will enjoy.

5. One of the best recommendations for your fall garden is to collect the leaves on the ground. A thick layer of leaves smothers the soil. In the winter, leaves will be an excellent blanket, which will protect the soil from freezing where you have crops.

6. Prepare a greenhouse. If you have many plants in the garden, but too little space in the house, it’s necessary to arrange a greenhouse. The ideal greenhouse is to build it from wood and glass. No matter its size but will be a great for your garden.

7. Organize your flowers in the garden for next year. See what plants are perennials and annuals, the ones you want to keep and the ones are on the go. Clean seeds from dried flowers and take the seeds from the most beautiful and healthy plants. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, steam and heat. Make a label to know what flowers are and make a sowing schedule Ask them the label to know what flowers are.

8. Remove the affected plants and trees from pests. Snatch them from the root and eventually burn them to eliminate the risk like pests to affect other plants in the garden or to expand into the soil and affect the flowers that you’ll plant in the future.

9. Prepare the area for early vegetables and fertilize the earth. Use natural manure because no matter how big the garden is worth that your vegetables to be clean.

Last fall tip from the recommendations list for your garden is to plant a tree! Never be too many!

Image Credits: Vanessablogt

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