Practical Advices For Organic Gardening

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Organic has become a buzzword, but in reality we seek to organic feed and get rid of harmful lifestyles with those eating habits that will show their effects sooner or later.

First, help your plants to cope more easily to different diseases that may attack them by spraying water in which you dissolve aspirin. More precisely, one and a half tablet of aspirin dissolved in a bottle of 7 liters of water. Spray every 3 weeks for best results.

Don’t pluck weeds because, let’s face it involves a lot of work and only temporary you can rid of weeds because they will grow back soon. Use a hoe and dig weeds at the base. Leave it on the ground so weeds rot and serve as a nutrient for your plants. No herbicide can be as effective as this method.

Organic gardening goes hand in hand with sunlight. Thus, make sure that the chosen place for such a garden receives at least 10 hours of sunlight daily.

If you choose to grow plants in pots or other containers and want to move them when they grow bigger, handled them with care and move them by the leaves not the strain because it’s very fragile. Water the soil around the plant’s roots because it will adapt more easily to the new environment.

When you are placing seeds into the ground sprinkle some peat moss over the seeds because it’s an important organic fertilizer increasing the immunity of plants to various diseases that may attack later.
Last but not least, spray water using a regular spray over fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the garden. Thus, the plants will get moisture from the outside, not just from the roots extracted from the soil.

Image Credits: MotherEarthNews

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