Best Natural Fertilizer For Your Plants

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Organic fertilizers are the best option for your garden, even if it’s a classic garden or plants grown in pots placed on balconies or terrace. Plants are constantly in search of nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and the earth, without a little help, can’t offer them all the time. For this reason it’s recommended to fertilize the earth while plants are growing and not when they reach maturity, for a lasting and visible effect. So, in this article we will offer you new solutions to get the best fertilizer for flowers:

A simple method to make your own fertilizer at home is simple: store the household waste in a bin outside the house. But not in any box, but in one that allows natural ventilation because oxygen and moisture are essential in the waste decomposition. Make sure you add dry ingredients (sawdust, dry leaves) wet or green like clipping grass and food scraps. It’s best to not stuff the waste as you add it, just simply throw it over one another, because the decomposition process to take place. You’ll finally get an organic mound from which you can then take it and place to the plants root in a thick layer. Mix it with soil to gain consistency.

You can throw at the organic fertilizer trash bin egg shells, coffee grounds, weeds, seaweed (those living on the seashore), molasses, manure, dog or cat food that you no longer use and banana peels. Each of these ingredients mentioned here can be a good natural fertilizer even if you use it separately.

Liquid fertilizer is another recommended solution by amateur gardeners. One recipe is mixing manure in a bucket with water and after just a few days, the composition can be sprayed over plants and flowers and you’ll see the effects immediately. You may as well add bird dung if you have a yard.

Another recipe consists in a mixture of 15 grams of fish emulsion, 3 grams of seaweed emulsion and 3.5 liters of water. The composition can be placed in a spray then sprinkle over the flowers once a week. In the same volume of water, you can put more than 3 tablespoons of molasses and get another very effective organic fertilizer.

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