Wise Gardening: How To Match Crops To Keep Away Pests

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Garden is not just a place where you can relax but also a place where you plant and grow different crops and flowers. Wise gardening is about mixing plants so that they promote mutual development.

Did you know, for example, that it’s recommended to associate dill with carrots and cabbage? The explanation given by horticulturists is simple: dill mislead carrot fly, a pest that lays its eggs on this vegetable root vegetable then we eat it. It has the same effect on insects that destroys our cabbage production.

As tomato sauce goes well in combination with a few leaves of basil, as well these two plants grown side by side cohabit. Basil keeps away tomato pests.

Also chives, onions or garlic are best friends with roses. A combination of smells, very unusual but this is the main idea. These strong flavors keep plant fleas away from roses.

Still talking about strong flavors, mint is one of them. While you can also purchase directly from the source a few leaves for summer cool lemonade, mint keep away moths, fleas and other harmful insects for tomatoes and cabbage.
Another perfect match is oregano with beans or broccoli and it is said that oregano gives some flavor to the beans.
Experts say it’s better to keep away sage from cucumber seedlings. Because sage makes a good team with rosemary, cabbage and carrots, empowering each other flavorings, protecting the uninvited guests like snails.

Last but not least grow thyme close to tomatoes. This flavor plant flowers attract bees and promotes pollination a better development of the “next door plant”.

Image Credits: GardeningKnowHow

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