Useful Tips For October Gardening

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Fall is almost knocking at the door and melancholy start to install. But don’t let thoughts to overwhelm you because you have to work in the garden, getting ready for next spring. Below are some tips for October gardening if you already harvest your crops.

First, check the soil condition and acidity. It’s best to take your samples to the lab and find out where you need to make some small changes in its composition, depending on what you grow in your garden or gardening future plans. If you don’t have plans then throw a layer of manure, which you can prepare at home, for a winter full of nutrients.

Clean the garden of leaves and dead plants then use them as organic fertilizer. Cut climbing plants such as roses or shrubs to revive in the spring with even more energy, using the organic fertilizer we mentioned above. If you have lawn, clean it from bear moss, preparing it for winter.

If you have plants on terraces move them indoors or in greenhouses. Cut outdoors plants shoots and find them a place in pots to propagate the species in case of cold winters.

As I said, the best season for planting fruit trees is autumn, in September-October. Seedlings grow better in moderate temperatures, they get enough water through the frequent rains having time to settle well into the ground and draw their nutrients from it to cope with winter. Garlic can be seeded in October.

Now is the time to collect new seeds from the plants and flowers that we want to have in our garden the next season. Put them to dry and you can exchange them with gardening enthusiasts. At drying are placed now herbs that you grow in your garden (as parsley, basil etc), to use them the entire winter.

Image Credits: Arhiva.Alo

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