Reasons Why You Should Try Straw Bale Gardening

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There are no boundaries when it comes to gardening (only the passionate ones will understand). This is how vertical gardens, gardening indifferent pots and containers appeared. But what do you do if you want to garden but the soil doesn’t help you at all because whether is too dry and rocky or too poor in nutrients? One option would be gardening in straw bales, a new concept with lots of advantages.

First of all you should know that gardening in straw bales takes no account of the soil’s condition. It’s handy for anyone who wants to arrange a garden and to plant your favorite vegetables and fruits. For example, gardening in straw bales is ideal for the older people, which have difficulty in bending because the working level is higher, literally, excluding back pain and joints. Just imagine that if you choose to cultivate potatoes, when it comes to harvest, you just have to turn the straw bales upside down and to reap them.

Moreover, you can forget about weeding because weeds don’t appear in straw bales. So don’t spend money on pots and containers and take seriously into account the option of gardening in straw bales. Below are a few tips in this regard.

It’s recommended to buy straw bales from a farm because most of the times there is an organic culture. When you start planting it’s advisable to place the bales on a piece of fabric to inhibit weed growth through the straw.
With two weeks before planting, water the straw bales and add manure and push it with your hands through the straw to catch consistency. And possibly add another type of fertilizer, such as nettles or seaweed emulsion. This process should take a ten-day period in which constantly add organic fertilizer then water it fully.

Make a hole in the bale with spatula and place the seeds or plant the shoot there covering it with fertilizer. Depending on what you grow, plants can be supported on wire, as in the below image. You may as well use the side of every bale to plant flowers and thus have different vegetables and flowers on the same bale. At the end of the season, straw bales will look like any other organic substance, being decomposed. Keep and use it as natural fertilizer for the next year.

Image Credits: HobbyFarms

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