How To Build Your Own Drip Irrigation System

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We have to pay attention to natural resources and to spare water in gardening and agriculture because help our planet. Drip watering is done easily using professional systems, but as the human imagination has no boundaries, we offer some DIY solutions to save money, with the same effective irrigation systems for small to medium gardens.
What are the advantages of such systems? First, you won’t have water losses by dosing the required water volume for various stages of plant development. Experts say that water losses decrease by 40 percent with this watering solution. At the same time, the space between the rows remains dry and this way weeds won’t grow. Direct soil watering without wetting the plants, prevents pest and plant diseases to develop. This way you’ll avoid some chemical treatments and your crops won’t be polluted.

With drip irrigation the soil won’t cool as much as other irrigation technologies which will eliminate plant’s stress especially in the spring when temperatures are still low. Because plant’s leaves and stems are dried during drip irrigation, there is no risk of plants to burn in irrigation even in very hot days with temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Last but not least, this system allows the administration of fertilizers and various treatments during irrigation.

Of course, DIY solutions are not as effective as professional ones. But there are best solutions that will allow reducing water consumption. A solution provided by specialists consists of an ordinary plastic bottle cut at the bottom, filled with water then partially buried in the ground. With this method, the water is extracted from the ground by the plant roots without being wasted on the surface. Another solution, a bit more precise, is to connect a bucket or more buckets to a bunch of hollowed rubber hoses. It is a solution that goes well with a rainwater collect system, so as to help twice the nature with handy and simple ideas. See our below gallery to understands better the methods.

Image Credits: Paenergyfest

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