Mosquitoes Repellent Plants

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There are a lot of species of 55 of mosquitoes, but for all that there are some natural barriers that stop them on their way to our homes.
In this article we will present some plants that ward off mosquitoes and it’s good to have them around the house.

Marigolds. It has been scientifically proved that these flowers contain tiofenm, a compound that harms mosquitoes. Marigolds are not very demanding and you can plant them near other flowers or plants having problems with pests because it will keep away them.
They can be planted in the garden or in pots. If you put them in your garden, choose a place with loose earth and sun. You can plant them in autumn or early spring. To prolong flowering, cut the flowers when they fade. It should also be watered regularly.

Tobacco flower. It’s also on the plant list that wards off mosquitoes. Besides the fact it has an intoxicating perfume, you get rid of annoying insects also. It’s an easy to care of plant. It blooms in early summer and it withers the end of fall. It opens its flowers at dusk exactly when mosquitoes start to appear. It can be cultivated in pots, also.

Basil. It’s another mosquito barrier. The most effective is lemon basil. Like other plants can grow in pots. Attention must put it or cultivate it in a place with plenty of light and enough heat. You can plant until late April.

Lavender. This plant appears also on the list. In addition, besides the fact that it’s a barrier for these insects it also beautifies the garden. Lavender is easy to grow and grows well in sunny places. Try to plant as much as possible close to entrances and house windows.

Lemon balm. This plant is great in sending mosquitoes away but also has a big disadvantage: it attracts bees and butterflies. Rosemary has the same impact, too.

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