5 Benefits Of Eggshells In The Garden

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Nutritionists say that eggs contain first class proteins. In this article we will talk about the benefits of eggshells in the garden and its less know uses.

Maybe you didn’t know, but eggshells in garden can be very helpful for plants. Gardeners say that due to its high content of calcium and other minerals is perfect for compost.

You can put eggshells in the garden immediately, but it’s better to let them dry a little and crush them into a fine powder then throw it at the plant’s stem.

You can add egg shells at the base of planting pits, especially on tomatoes, peppers or eggplants. According to gardeners, these cultures could be more often affected by pests because of its calcium deficiency and eggshells can solve the problem. But don’t overdo because a tablespoon of crushed eggshells would be enough.

Eggshells ward off pests in the garden
If you want to grow a healthy plant, you can put into an eggshell some soil and the seed, just like in a pot. Pour water until it sprouts up, and when it grows enough you can move it in the garden.




If you have plants that can be destroyed by pests such as caterpillars and snails, crush eggshells and place it around the plants you want to protect. To get rid of a snail invasion gardeners advise you to put at the base of plants larger eggshells.

For compost, mix well the crushed eggshell with fertilizers. The eggshell powder neutralizes soil and increases the good effects of fertilizers. Also, gardeners recommend using this eggshells mixture with fertilizers on more mature plants and less to the young ones.

To obtain a great fertilizer for garden plants, put crushed eggshells in a water bottle and leave it for a few days in a cool dark place. However, be careful not to exaggerate with crushed eggshells, because it decomposes very slowly.

Image Credits: WhitHarveyGroup

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