Marigolds – These Flowers Are Loved By People And Hated By Mosquitoes

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These beautiful flowers have a gorgeous color that catches the eye of every passerby. Moreover, marigolds bloom all summer and have a strong odor and are grown worldwide. Easy to care for, these flowers rarely have problems with pests. There are plenty of reasons to plant and to care marigold.

DIY Tip: Beware marigolds of frost or snail (are the few enemies that these gorgeous flowers have).

What are the first steps?
Planting marigolds is done with seeds. The seeds are planted, usually in the greenhouse or in pots with about 5 weeks before moving them in the garden. Meanwhile, we will make sure that the soil is always moist. The optimum temperature for germination is 18 degrees Celsius and marigolds will arise about 1-2 weeks from sowing. If you can keep them in a greenhouse, you can move earlier in pot or garden.

DIY Tip: To make sure that the flowers will be productive and bloom early, the seedling should start in March.
For a beautiful garden, we recommend planting them near the flowers that are about the same height (eg: yellow marigold near petunias). The color variation will be a pleasure for your eyes!


The next seedling?
You need to buy seeds only one time. Then, the flowers are seedling by themselves. Fallen seeds in the ground will rise again next spring.
Marigolds attract butterflies and bees and keep mosquitoes away and they don’t need a special planting. These flowers cope with days of sun and unbearable heat. Moreover, marigolds love the sun and light!

How do you do the watering?
Watering is in tiny quantities for the soil surface to dry between two watering sessions.

Trick: If you want to permanently get rid of mosquitoes and yet you haven’t potted marigolds, geraniums have the same effect on these insects.




Image Credits: Kickvick

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