Housewives Tricks: How To Propagate Geraniums?

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Plants propagation may sound like a daunting task, even for a housewife who knows well how to take care and to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in her garden. However, it’s cheap, not to say free cost, and a great way to propagate your favorite plants favorites and we need to know how to do this especially for rare plants (only plant lovers understand this).

The steps to take care and propagate a plant are similar to those of growing a plant.

The most beautiful flowers for your home

How to start
To start with luck, you need one herb that has been very well cared for, a pair of scissors and lot of patience. Before you gain experience, we will rely on our intuition to choose a mature plant, which to propagate. Choose a stem which has about 13 cm and use a professional scissors (you find in special markets) and keep it at an angle of about 45 degrees below the nearest node on the stem.



DIY Tip: Cut the plants in the morning, before the sun’s light and heat to be in full swing. Remember to be gentle with the stem that you’ve cut! This will be a new plant for your garden or home!
Next steps are to remove all the small leaves or any other plant, leaving leaves only on top. Remember that now we’ll work only with the stem we’ve cut! Soak the bottom of the root in hormone powder (you’ll find it in small special stores) and keep the root there for a few seconds. This will help the stimulation of plant growth.

Planting preparation
In a small container we put a mix of poorly fertilized soil, that we’ll lightly moistened with water. We bury the root soaked in hormone dust and fill with soil.

DIY Tip: You can put three cuttings in one container but if one of them starts to wilt, be sure that you’ll remove it quickly.


Take real good care of the new plant
The next step is to place the pot or container in a space where the light has access but not directly to the sun. Too much sun can damage new plants. Diffuse light quantities are ideal for these plants! Water the plants, but be careful not to drown them.

DIY Tip: Put a plastic bag to help the plant to sweat. This will help geraniums to grow faster.

“The reward”
Your efforts should be visible after 4-6 weeks. To check if the plant has taken root, we’ll pull easily of the stem. If you feel a slight resistance means that it has taken root.
After about 8 weeks from the initial planting, we can move the new plant in a larger pot larger, allowing it to grow and develop.

Good luck and keep up with the good work!

Images Credits: DiyNetwork

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