How To Reinvent Paved Alleys Using Crochet Work As A Template – Step by Step

You don’t have to be talented at drawing to do this kind of work and the idea it’s very easy to realize. All you need is patience and some free time. What are we suggesting? To reinvent paved alleys using crochet work as a template and a colorful spray.
If you want to redecorate the exterior and you have purchased concrete slabs you can redecorate them before making the alley.

Here’s what to do:

First choose the crochet model you want to use as a template then choose a graffiti spray for coloring. It isn’t an exhausting work but it takes time.



Degrease well the concrete slab with a chemical cleanser or simply wash it with a brush. Leave it to dry.


The next step is to place the crochet work and simply spray over it. The high temperatures will help to a quick drying.

You should keep in mind to do all the work over a cardboard not to dirt by mistake the surroundings.






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